Research in Genetics in the Department of Biological Sciences is fundamental to the advancement of biological knowledge at all levels of organization, from molecules to populations. The Department of Biological Sciences has a number of research programs that have a strong genetic focus, using a variety of systems - both prokaryotic and eukaryotic - that offer unique challenges. For example, characterization of yeast mutants tease apart the fundamentals of eukaryotic transcription, and surveys of conditional mutants in Mycobacteria identify essential genes in this deadly pathogen.
Transcriptional control
Evolutionary ecology
Host-pathogen interaction
Protein quality control
Host-pathogen Interactions
Drosophila development
Mouse development
The Clark Lab of molecular evolution & comparative genomics
Gene Expression and Cell Fate
Phages and tuberculosis
Transcriptional Control
host-microbe interactions
Evolution of immunity and pathogenesis
Protein Trafficking & Cell Signalling
Evolutionary Development
DNA replication