Careers & Postgraduate Education

The five majors offered by the Department of Biological Sciences fulfill the basic science requirements for admission to medical, dental, and other health professional schools; secondary education programs; and public health and research graduate programs. Our Bachelor of Science degree provides a strong foundation for careers in which familiarity with biological topics is needed, including health care, industry, government, law, and education.


This page details the basic requirements for typical health professional schools: Allopathic, osteopathic, dental, optometry, chiropractic, podiatric and veterinary medicine.


The following applies mostly to graduate programs in ecology, evolution, systematics, natural resources, and forestry. Applying to graduate school in these disciplines is much different than applying to universities from high school or applying to medical or law school. In general, it is never too early to start thinking about graduate school applications. Before applying, however, you should be fairly confident that graduate school is right for you. It is a big commitment and motivation is the key to success! If you're not sure, or burned out, take a year or two off, gain some experience, travel, and then carefully consider your options.


Our undergraduate students move on to a variety of career paths. Some have opted for further training in graduate, medical, or law schools - others have ventured directly into careers in biotechnology, laboratory research, secondary education, environmental science, and public health, . Whichever the path, the training they received at the Department of Biological Sciences has prepared them well. Here are a few of our recent graduates.  If you are one of our "Past Grads", please UPDATE US on what you're doing.