Craig Kaplan

  • Professor
  • Transcriptional Control


Office: (412) 648-4434
Lab: (412) 648-4443
202A Life Sciences Annex
5th & Ruskin Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Our lab uses model eukaryotes for understanding transcription mechanisms, from initiation to elongation to co-transcriptional mRNA processing. We are particularly interested in how alterations to RNA Polymerase II activity affects gene expression and cellular state. The proteins that regulate and control gene expression in these organisms are highly related to proteins in humans with similar or identical functions. Many diseases are caused by alterations in gene expression and understanding how these proteins work will impact our understanding of gene expression in humans.

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Dr. Kaplan received his Ph.D. in 2003 with Fred Winston at Harvard, performed his postdoctoral studies with Roger Kornberg at Stanford, and after a nine-year stint as a faculty member at Texas A&M, joined the Department as an Associate Professor in 2019.