Virus and Cell Culture Laboratories

Image of a VirusThe Department of Biological Sciences maintains a completely equipped biological containment facility for work with animal viruses and cells or tissue infected with such agents. The laboratory, which is located on the fifth floor of Crawford Hall, contains three biohazard tissue culture hoods, six atmosphere-controlled incubators, a spinner culture facility, and microscopes, including both 35 mm and Poloroid photomicroscopy systems as well as video display. In addition, the facility contains a complete preparation room that includes a cold room, freezers, an autoclave, centrifuges, balances, and a Coulter cell counter. The entire laboratory is equipped with ultraviolet lights for sterilization, and is maintained under negative pressure.

The Department also maintains several state-of-the-art, self-contained Cell Culture Facilities that house all equipment needed for the growth, maintenance, and analysis of cells. The facilities have separate rooms with laminar flow hoods for the sterile handling of cells, as well as walk-in incubators and several atmosphere-controlled incubators for growing cells. Phase-contrast, fluorescence, standard bright-field microscopes, and cell counters are available for cell analysis. A highly purified water supply, cold rooms, and freezers are available for media preparation and storage. A modern automated dishwashing and sterilizing kitchen is maintained by a permanent, trained staff.