The Clapp, Langley, Crawford, and Life Sciences Annex complex is the home of the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. The CLC complex is managed by Frank Vincunas, and the facilities are maintained by David Malicki.

The Department is superbly equipped with a wide variety of instrumentation and numerous common facilities including:

  • Darkrooms
  • Cold rooms
  • Warm rooms
  • Virus and tissue culture facilities
  • Dedicated microscopy facility
  • PhosphorImage workstation
  • Animal facility
  • Real-time PCR machines
  • High throughput DNA sequencing machines

In addition, the complex houses world-class teaching laboratories, the Langley Biological Sciences Library and several state-of-the-art greenhouses and plant growth facilities.

Cell Culture and Virus Laboratories

The Department of Biological Sciences maintains a completely equipped biological containment facility for work with animal viruses and cells or tissue infected with such agents. 


Conveniently located atop Langley Hall is a modern greenhouse complex which allows scientists to conduct simultaneous experiments requiring different growth environments.

Molecular Imaging

The Department of Biological Sciences maintains several versatile state-of-the-art digital imaging systems that combine high sensitivity with the ability to perform rigorous quantitation and analysis of a wide range of experimental applications.

Wired Network

Click here to obtain an IP address on the wired network in our complex (for your computer/printer/device)


The Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology (PLE) is a superb year-round facility that is part of Pitt's Department of Biological Sciences. Located in Northwestern Pennsylvania on the shores of beautiful Pymatuning Lake, PLE is dedicated to serving the academic community and visitors from around the world.

Teaching Labs

In the past two decades, biology and medicine have played an increasing role in our society, especially here in Pittsburgh.  In response, the Dept. of Biological Sciences has increased the number of lab course spaces available to students, as well as redesigned their purpose.


David Malicki

Operations Manager

204 Clapp Hall

(412) 624-3975