Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Program

Being an undergraduate teaching assistant is a terrific way to share your knowledge, gain confidence, and prepare yourself for leadership roles.

Many courses utilize UTAs. Courses that have used UTAs in the past include BIOSC 0100 Preparation for Biology, BIOSC 0350 Genetics, BIOSC 0370 Ecology, BIOSC 0805 The Human Body, BIOSC 1000 Biochemistry, BIOSC 1130 Evolution, BIOSC 1200 Vertebrate Morphology, BIOSC 1250 Human Physiology, BIOSC 1255 Physiology Lab, BIOSC 1500 Cell Biology, BIOSC 1810 Macromolecular Structure and Function, and BIOSC 1850 Microbiology. If you are interested in another course, it’s always worth asking the instructor!

IF THE COURSE IS LISTED AS STAFF WHEN YOU ARE APPLYING, DROP OFF YOUR APPLICATION WITH DR. VALERIE OKE IN A230B LANGLEY (under door is fine).  She will give it to the instructor when the instructor is assigned.


To become an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA), you need a final grade of B or better in the course for which you wish to be a UTA, the ability to attend the course, and, for BIOSC 0150/0160, at least one recitation per week. Each instructor places particular emphasis on different aspects of the course. Please make sure to discuss the requirements with the instructor before committing to becoming a UTA. We also comply with Dietrich School UTA requirements.


  1. Go to: PeopleSoft Mobile and click on "Class Search" to find the times of courses and labs for which you are interested in assisting.
  2. Fill out an application and turn it in to the instructor for the course along with an unofficial copy of your transcript. For BIOSC 0150/0160, if you are interested in more than one section, apply to your first choice instructor and indicate on the application form what other sections you would consider. Ideally apply when you set up your schedule for the following semester, but some instructors will be taking UTAs right up until classes start so it’s never too late to ask.
  3. Please submit your application and transcript to the instructor of the section(s).  If you are unsure about which classes and/or instructors would be appropriate, please contact the Bio Advising Office.  IF THE SECTION IS LISTED AS STAFF, SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO DR. VALERIE OKE IN A230B LANGLEY (under the door is fine).  She will give it to the instructor when the instructor is assigned. 
  4. Once accepted, to enroll officially and receive academic credit UTAs must fill out the BIOSC1690 Enrollment Form  and return it to the Biological Sciences Advisors (A258 Langley) before the Add/Drop period ends for that semester.