Forms and Handouts

Listed below are several commonly used forms  and handouts that are available electronically or as hard copies in the Dept. of Biological Sciences and the University of Pittsburgh as indicated below. Click on the highlighted links to access electronic versions of forms.

Quick LInks

Allied Health Course Info
Departmental Honors
Bio Dept Major Progress Trackers
Research, Internship, and Undergrad TA enrollment forms
Transfer Course Evaluation forms
University of Pittsburgh (Student Records) Forms

Pre-Physician Assistant & Allied Health Course Information

 – If you need a professional school requirement options (A&P, Microbiology, and Medical Terminology) we recommend you review the options on this handout. Contact the Biological Sciences Advisors with any questions.

Departmental Honors

  – students with a minimum 3.250 GPA and an established research project can apply in their sophomore spring term or junior fall term to the Department Honors program. Return completed application to Langley A258.

     Requirements   Application   

Major Progress Trackers

Guidelines for major coursework 

Bioinformatics / Computational Biology Microbiology
Biological Sciences   Molecular Biology: Biochemistry
Ecology & Evolution  Molecular Biology: Cell & Developmental Biology

Research, Internship, & Teaching Assistant (TA) Forms  

Forms are due by the end of add/drop. 

For Summer 2022, email completed forms to

For Fall 2022, submit completed forms to this survey before 3 pm on 9/9/2022.  It may take up to 3 business days for the advisors to complete the enrollment.  

Please contact with questions about enrolling for experiential learning.

BIOSC 1690 – use to TA a BIOSC course (must apply for BIOSC 0150 & 0160)

BIOSC 1901 – use to train in lab techniques, do literature research, or work w/ a professional in non-research aspect. Requires faculty co-sponsor from Dept. of BIological Sciencs work done outside of the Dept. Reach out to for info. 

BIOSC 1903 internal – use to conduct lab research in the Dept. of Biological Sciences

BIOSC 1903 external – use to conduct lab research w/ a faculty member who does not work in the Dept. of Biological Sciences.  Requires faculty co-sponsor from Dept. of BIological Sciencs. Reach out to for info.

BIOSC 1904 internal – use to conduct honors lab research in the Dept. of Biological Sciences

BIOSC 1904 external – use to conduct honors lab research w/ a faculty member who does not work in the Dept. of Biological Sciences. Requires faculty co-sponsor from Dept. of BIological Sciencs. Reach out to for info.

Transfer Course Evaluations

   - review handout and supply all required material to request evaluation of biology related courses to count as BIOSC electives.

University of Pittsburgh Forms

Academic Plan (Major) Change Form – You can now change your major/minor/certificate through an online form.  The links to these online forms are available on this website (under Academic Advising Forms). Please note that the forms are not available year round.

Best Fit Request – use this form to change which General Education requirement you would like a class to fulfill. Return completed form to 140 Thackeray.           

Cross Registration – students can enroll in courses at any of ten Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education (PCHE) colleges and universities at no additional cost to Pitt tuition. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits at Pitt in order to cross-register at a PCHE school. More info here

Course Repeat – use this form after completing a course repeat to ensure Pitt uses your most recent grade to calculate your GPA. Return completed form to 140 Thackeray.

Enrollment/Add/Drop – use this form if you cannot add/drop a class online. Return completed form to G-1 Thackeray

Final Exam Conflict – use if you have three finals on the same day. You can take this form to your professors and the Registrar’s office to have an exam moved. Return to G-2 Thackeray.

Grade Option/Audit Request – use to request a grade change after the add/drop period

Monitored Withdrawal Request – use to withdraw from a class after the add/drop period

Summer Course Approval Form - use to attend a summer course or special session at another accredited institution. Students will not receive credit for courses taken without advance approval.

Transcript Request – order mailed or electronic transcripts online or in G-3 Thackeray