Biological Science Undergraduate Advising

Welcome to the Department of Biological Sciences Advising!  Our office has six advisors who work to support and enrich the academic experience of students by helping with curricular decisions, as well as providing information and guidance on extracurricular options, career paths, and post-graduate plans. The Biological Sciences Undergraduate Advising Office is open to any student (not just our majors) with questions regarding Biology classes and majors.

Biological Sciences Undergraduate Advising
A215 Langley Hall

Spring 2023 Zoom Drop-In Hours

Current students, please visit the Biological Sciences Advising Office Canvas course to access the Zoom room links.

*Extended Zoom Drop-In Hours are available during the Add/Drop Period (January 9 - January 20, 2023). Please visit the Canvas course to view the extended hours and Zoom room link.

Our regular Spring semester Zoom drop-in hours begin on Monday, January 23. The times are listed below. Zoom Room links are available in the Biological Sciences Advising Canvas course.

  • Mondays 2-3 pm
  • Tuesdays 3-4 pm
  • Wednesdays 8:30 - 9:30 am
  • Thursdays  4-5 pm
  • Fridays 3-5 pm

Email with quick questions and we will get back to you within 2 business days.  To discuss long-term plans, complex problems, or have an advising hold lifted, please sign up for an advising appointment with any of our six advisors.



Please refer to the Academic Calendar for all Important Deadlines

Spring 2023 Classes Begin - January 9

Last Day to Add or Drop a Class - January 20

Monitored Withdraw Deadline - March 17


Advising How To:

  • Schedule an Advising Appointment
  • Enroll in Research and UTA Credits
  • Choose the Correct Research Form (1901, 1903, 1904)
  • Find a Co-Sponsor for External Research
  • Get a Permission Number
  • Download your AAR (Academic Advisement Report)
  • Fill out a Progress Tracker
  • Make an Academic Plan
  • Search for Gen Ed Requirements
  • Set up a Swap for a Waitlisted Class
  • Get Permission for Off-Campus (Transfer) Biology Course 


Advising Documents and Forms:

  • Progress Trackers
  • Semester Planner
  • Research/UTA Forms
  • University of Pittsburgh Forms


Advising Expectations:

In order to better serve our students, we want to clarify our expectations for advising.  

What we expect of our bio majors:

Meet with a bio advisor at least once/term to get hold lifted for course enrollment.  Enrollment appointments typically take place in September-October in the fall for spring course planning and in February-March for fall course planning. 

Take ownership of your academic career: track your requirements for graduation and make a plan to meet those requirements.  

Explore career opportunities and extracurriculars

Stay informed. Make sure you read our weekly newsletter that is emailed every Tuesday to stay on top of deadlines and requirements.

Let us know if there are problems. Keep us informed of how things are going.


What you should expect from bio advising:

Provide personalized guidance on your academic path. We will provide you resources to track your requirements for graduation and will support you as you make a plan to meet those requirements.  

Support and supplement your academic and career interests. We are also excited to help you explore additional opportunities and build your network.  Please check out our videos on getting involved in research and UTAing, etc....

Connect you with other resources on and off campus. We work with a number of other offices and are happy to help you find those connections - prehealth, career, etc...


Other Resources for Success: