Undergraduate Research & Internships

Research and internships can be done on a volunteer basis, for credit, or sometimes paid. There are even opportunities to obtain a research certificate and apply for research fellowships. Select the links below for more information.



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Your professors in departmental courses may also be prominent research scientists, with labs in Langley, Clapp, Crawford, and the Life-Sciences-Annex. We strongly encourage students to become a part of faculty research and to develop projects with faculty. There are also internship opportunities where students can shadow or work with professionals in non-research related aspects to obtain valuable experience. According to our former undergraduate students involved in research and internships, some of the best benefits are:

  • Research & internships help you decide which paths to pursue after your undergraduate career.
  • If graduate or professional school is in your future, they help you prepare. Most schools and employers want to see that you have research experience.
  • You will get to work with faculty, graduate students, and professionals, and get to know your professors better.
  • You will gain useful experience and learn problem solving skills that cannot be learned reading a textbook.
  • You will become especially adept at using the scientific method and generating your own hypotheses.
  • Research aids in your understanding of class material.
  • You will read many journal articles during your research experience and develop the ability to understand scientific literature.
  • You will sharpen writing and presentation skills by presenting your research.
  • Undergraduate research and internships are a great resume builder no matter what your career goals. Research faculty and employers can be great references.