Committee On Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

What is CODIE?

Mission Statement  

The mission of the Committee oDiversity Inclusion and Equity (CODIE) is to serve as an advocate for equity, inclusion, and justice, so every student, staff, and faculty member feels heard and knows they are valued within the Department of Biological Sciences.  CODIE promotes and provides the resources to implement equitable practices in course design, lab training, and the recruiting and hiring process.  CODIE encourages inclusive and open communication about social and societal issues pertaining to equity, inclusion, privilege, and areas that affect underrepresented and marginalized communities.  

CODIE: Who are we?

CODIE has four subcommittees working on DEI initiatives within our department.  Subcommittees are composed of graduate students, postdocs, staff, and faculty members. If you would like to learn more about our subcommittees or volunteer, contact

Below are the overall goals of each subcommittee: 

Aimed at increasing persistence and retention of marginalized students in the Biological Sciences, developing inclusive teaching practices, and supporting students by forming connections between existing campus groups and students, faculty, and staff. 

Promoting retention and success among post bac and graduate students in the department, the Graduate and HMB Subcommittee will focus on recognizing the needs of HMB and graduate students. To this end, we will work to survey current and previous trainees, update our website to provide more accessible information, attempt to increase representation of marginalized trainees through attendance at workshops and meetings, and develop programming to promote success in our training programs. Click here for more info on the HMB program.

The Faculty, Postdoc, and Staff Subcommittee seeks to retain diversity and encourage inclusivity within the department. The subcommittee will focus on promoting departmental community with postdocs, promote inclusive hiring practices, promote training opportunities for faculty and staff, and work towards understanding best practices in teaching evaluations.

Aimed at encouraging the conversation and celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and equity in the department. In addition to updating the CODIE page on the departmental website, promoting diversity on the department's Social Media platforms and CODIE Canvas, the subcommittee will recruit volunteers, advertise departmental diversity training and events, host book clubs, and invite guest speakers for departmental seminars. 

How to get involved with CODIE Initiatives

Across campus and within the community, there are many ways to advance the values of diversity, inclusivity, and equity.  

To get involved with CODIE and other department initiatives you can:

  • Attend our departmental  book clubs each semester
  • Participate in CODIE-sponsored events
  • Volunteer to help subcommittees with their projects
  • Contact CODIE directly ( to learn about other opportunities!   

Other resources and opportunities on campus can be found on the website for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion