MCDB Graduate Program

MicroDerekStudents in MCDB graduate program do research in a wide array of inter-related disciplines, including Genomics, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Developmental Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Computational Biology, Structural Biology and Virology. 

Renowned faculty

Do big science. More than 2 dozen faculty mentors run active laboratories and bring in ~$7 million in grants annually, giving students the freedom and opportunity to pursue and answer important questions.

The right lab

Students do three 10-week research rotations during their first year, exploring a range of approaches, perspectives and lab environments.  

Personal mentoring

Our community size of ~50 MCDB students is large enough to catalyze exchange of innovative ideas, but small enough so that each student gets close attention from their faculty mentor. 

Learn how to be a scientist

Being a scientist is more than doing experiments. Our courses give knowledge and critical-thinking skills. Our workshops develop skills in writing, grantsmanship and presentation. Our ethics courses give framework and guidance. Our seminars teach you to think on your feet. Our students get grants, give seminars at national meetings and publish high-impact, first-author papers.

Be a scientist

Our graduates use their training to get the jobs they want, moving on to post-docs at prestigious universities, faculty positions at teaching colleges, jobs in government or industry, or additional education in law school or medical school.