Main Office


The Department of Biological Sciences' Main Office handles all goings-on within the Department of Biological Sciences. The Main (Departmental) Office is located in A234 Langley Hall.  The Department office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Departmental Administrative Assistant
Phone : (412) 624-4266
Personal Email :

See Departmental Administrative Assistant for Departmental business matters. Faculty should note that the Department Administrative Assistant handles all textbook orders and room scheduling.
Cathy Barr Ms. Cathy Barr
Graduate Secretary
Phone : (412) 624-4268
Personal Email :
Graduate Email :

See Cathy about all graduate student related matters, including admissions, registration and graduation.
Rodney Stuttlebuck Mr. Rodney Stuttlebuck
Special Projects Liaison
Phone : (412) 624-4266
Business Email :

See Rodney regarding all on-going special projects.
Deanna Wolkiewicz Ms. Deanna Wolkiewicz
Office Manager & Assistant to the Chair
Phone : (412) 624-4350
Personal Email :
Chairman Email :
See Deanna about all Chair-related matters, including current Departmental business and faculty recruiting matters.