The Samuel D. Colella Award

The Samuel D. Colella Award for Undergraduate Research in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh was made possible through an endowment established by Mr. Samuel Colella, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, class of 1962. After completing his BS in business and engineering, Mr. Colella went on to earn an MBA from Stanford University in 1971. He is the founder of Versant Ventures, a venture capital firm specializing in the health care industry. Mr. Colella is currently the director of a number of biotechnology companies and the Chairman of Syrrx Inc. This award is presented in support of outstanding research performed by an undergraduate during the summer term.

Applications are typically due in February.


Winners of the Samuel D. Colella Award:

 Colella Awardee  Laboratory
2022 Joanna Yao Dr. Craig Kaplan
 2021  Eric Jordahl  Dr. Allyson O'Donnell
 2020  Sara Zdancewicz  Dr. Andrew VanDemark
 2019  Lauren Lotka  Dr. Karen Arndt
 2018  Rachel Kocik  Dr. Karen Arndt
 2017  Gina Pacella  Dr. Miler Lee
 2016  Alex Lederer  Dr. Karen Arndt
 2015  Alexa Jordahl  Dr. Jeffrey Brodsky
 2014  James Donovan  Dr. Beth Roman
 2013  Adair Borges  Dr. Jon Boyle
 2012  Celeste Shelton  Dr. Karen Arndt
 2011  Brittany Charsar  Dr. Joseph Martens
 2010  Maxwell Garber  Dr. Linda Jen-Jacobson 
 2009  Victoria Hohenstein  Dr. Graham Hatfull
 2008  Rachel Botham  Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman
 2008  Maritsa Scoulos-Hansen   Dr. Paula Grabowski
 2007  Devin Jones  Dr. Rick Relyea
 2007  Neil Umbreit  Dr. Lewis Jacobson
 2006  Sarah Hainer  Dr. Jeffrey Lawrence
 2006  Cynthia Metz  Dr. Jeffrey Hildebrand
 2005  Swarna Mohan  Dr. Paula Grabowski
 2005  Sarah Rogers  Dr. Karen Arndt
 2005  Daniella Rosenberger  Dr. Rick Relyea

Sarah Papperman

Julie Spix

Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman

Dr. Graham Hatfull