The Norman H. Horowitz Fellowship

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, B.S. in Biology, class of 1936, Dr. Norman H. Horowitz established this endowment in recognition of the role undergraduate research played in his own decision to pursue graduate training in science and with the desire to provide similar opportunities to undergraduates at his alma mater.  The fellowship is available to a student in the senior year or one who has completed a substantial amount of research. 

Dr. Horowitz was a Professor of Biology, Emeritus at Caltech before he died in June 2005. As a geneticist, Dr. Horowitz worked on genome organization, devised tests for the famous one-gene-one-enzyme hypothesis, and was a member of the scientific teams for the Mariner and Viking missions to Mars. Dr. Horowitz was member of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Applications are typically due in February.


Winners of the Norman H. Horowitz Fellowship:

Year Horowitz Fellow Laboratory

Katherine Oppenheimer

Mika Wesley

Dr. Allyson O'Donnell

Dr. Sarah Hainer


Beatrice Milnes

Sara Zdancewicz

Dr. Anne Carlson

Dr. Andrew VanDemark


Cailin Jordan

Eric Jordahl

Dr. Sarah Hainer

Dr. Allyson O'Donnell

2019 Swapna Subramanian Dr. Martin Turcotte

Adam Leventry

Gabrielle Gentile

Dr. Jeff Hildebrand

Dr. Graham Hatfull


Sarah Post

Wei Ng

Dr. Jon Boyle

Dr. Graham Hatfull

2015-2016 Natalie Dall Dr.Mark Rebeiz
2014-2015 Victoria Schneider Dr. Graham Hatfull
2013-2014 Rebecca Dalton Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman
2012-2013 Brittany Charsar Dr. Joseph Martens
2011-2012 Clare Kohler Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman
2010-2011 Andrew Savinov Dr. Graham Hatfull
2009-2010 Samantha Bell Dr. Jeffrey Brodsky
2008-2009 Brigid Jensen Dr. Jeffrey Brodsky
2007-2008 Reem Hanna Dr. Jeffrey Hildebrand
2006-2007 Amanda Foltz Dr. Valerie Oke
2005-2006 Katherine Petri Dr. Craig Peebles
2004-2005 Allison Lynch Dr. Lewis Jacobson
2003-2004 Oanh Pham Dr. Linda Jen-Jacobson
2002-2003 Sohka Nhek Dr. Valerie Oke
2001-2002 Martina Lefterovaz Dr. Linda Jen-Jacobson
2000-2001 Christopher Farrell Dr. Susan Gilbert