The Alison Bentley Kephart Award

The Alison Bentley Kephart fund was established in December 1985 by Drs. Ronald and Marian Bentley, as a lasting memorial in remembrance of their daughter, Alison. It was the intent and purpose of this award to give an annual prize to a first-year undergraduate student who has demonstrated outstanding potential for a successful career in one of the biological sciences. It was the hope of both Ronald and Marian Bentley that such a memorial to Alison would prove useful to the Department of Biological Sciences, in which they were both faculty members, and provide a small stimulus to the attainment of excellence by a first-year student.

The award consists of a University Book Store gift certificate and a certificate of recognition. It is presented once a year at the beginning of the fall term during the Department of Biological Sciences kick-off meeting.

Previous winners of the Alison Bentley Kephart Award:

Year Alison Bentley Kephart Awardee(s)

Arshiya Alwadi

Jason Edwards

Michael Oths

Rosalie Van Deusen

Zoey Zhang


Maryam Alanjawi

Aaron Jackson

Serea Slatas

Isabella Will


Aneesh Kamath

Elizabeth Rubin

Anzu Sekikawa

Muhammed Sillah

Priyanka Srinivasan


Ashley Bang

Joshua Heidenreich

Maria Montoya Orozco

Julia Wiegers


Sara Gaiser

Bethany Hileman

Vaishnavi Mahalingam

Jeremy Saliba


Abigail Buckley

Madelyn Czekalski

Mary Morcos

Hetvi Patel


Rafael Alexandre

Jack Callahan

Lindsey Maclay

Wendi Li

2016 Kristen Richards
2015 Kerry Iles
Katelyn Means
Morgan Thompson
2014 Hayley Orndorff
2013 Tamara Cherwin
2012 Ronni McKown
2011 Ruth Geller
2010 Amy Trotnick
2009 Ann Nwokelo
2008 Carly Sedlock
2007 Elizabeth Oczypok
2006 Eric Gardner
2005 Nancy L. Czaicki
2004 Adam Frank
2003 Brittany DeVoge
2002 Sarah Papperman
2001 Rebecca Beerman
2000 Erin Imler