Mary P. Edmonds Award

Mary EdmondsThe Mary P. Edmonds Graduate Student Award is given in honor of a kind friend, gracious colleague, and mentor we lost in April 2005.  She was an Associate Professor of Biochemistry and a Professor of Biological Sciences during her 37-year tenure (1955-1992) at the University of Pittsburgh. Based in part on her seminal discovery of the enzyme that adds polyA tails onto RNA, Dr. Edmonds was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1991 and received several honorary doctorates. 

The Edmonds Award is given each year to a graduate student for the publication of an outstanding research paper.

Winners of the Mary P. Edmonds award are:

Year Awardee Mentor(s)
2023 Tasniem Fetian Dr. Karen Arndt
2022 Samantha Fontaine Dr. Kevin Kohl
2021 Rachel Bainbridge Dr. Anne Carlson
2020 Yusan Yang Dr. Corinne Richards-Zawacki
2019 Sarah Sokol Borrelli Dr. Jon Boyle
2017 Roni Lahr Dr. Andrea Berman

Christine Cucinotta

William Glassford

Dr. Karen Arndt

Dr. Mark Rebeiz


Matthew Koski

Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman


Adam Wier

Colin Wright

Dr. Andy Vandemark

Dr. Jonathan Pruitt

2013 Elizabeth English Dr. Jon Boyle

Gerardo Acreo-Gomez

Matthew Farber

Sarah Hainer

Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman

Dr. Jeffrey Hildebrand

Dr. Joseph Martens

2010 Adam Retchless Dr. Jeffrey Lawrence
2009 Jill Dembowski Dr. Paula Grabowski
2008 Matthew Bochman Dr. Anthony Schwacha
2007 John Paul Dr. Stephen Tonsor