Ivy McManus Award

Ivy McManusProfessor Ivy R. McManus, Assistant Chair and beloved faculty member of the Department of Biological Sciences left a bequest to the Department upon her death in 1982.

A good friend suggested that the money be used as a scholarship fund for the support of a graduate student within the Department who would be known as the "Ivy McManus Scholar". The monetary scholarship is awarded once annually to a graduate student completing their first year and is provided in the recipient's September paycheck. A certificate of award is presented at the annual Departmental meeting in September. The decision is made at the end of the previous Spring term.

Winners of the Ivy R. McManus award are:

Year Awardee Mentor(s)

Alex Francette

Veronica Iriart

Dr. Karen Arndt

Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman

2018 Samantha Fontaine Dr. Kevin Kohl
2017 Donya Shodja Dr. Mark Rebeiz
2016 Sarah Sokol Dr. Jon Boyle
2015 Hiba Al-Ashtal Dr. Andrea Berman
2014 Travis Mavrich Dr. Graham Hatfull
2013 Daniel Totten Dr. Andrea Berman
2012 Elizabeth English Dr. Jon Boyle
2011 Matthew Koski Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman
2010 Erica McGreevy Dr. Jeffrey Hildebrand
2009 Lauren Oldfield Dr. Graham Hatfull
2008 Alison Hale Dr. Susan Kalisz
2007 Maya Groner
Karen Hecht
Dr. Rick Relyea
Dr. Jeffrey Brodsky
2006 Justin Pruneski Dr. Joseph Martens
2005 Amy Mucka
Jill Dembowski
Dr. Deborah Chapman
Dr. Paula Grabowski
2004 Julia VanKessel
Shruthi Vembar
Dr. Graham Hatfull
Dr. Jeffrey Brodsky
2003 Alycia Bittner Dr. Valerie Oke
2002 Laura Marinelli Dr. Graham Hatfull
2001 Janette Steets Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman
2000 Diane Hoffelder
Annette Schneider
Dr. William Saunders
Dr. Jeffrey Brodsky

Erica McGreevy and Dr. Graham Hatfull

Dr. Hatfull congratulates Erica McGreevy