Academic Credit for Internships

Academic Credit for Internships (BIOSC 1901; S/N grades only) 

An academic internship is an approved and monitored work experience of a pre-professional nature that meets specific learning goals and is related to an academic field of study. The work at the internship site under the direction of a site supervisor is only part of the experience. Internships outside of the Biological Sciences Department require a Biological Sciences faculty co-sponsor to verify participation, monitor progress, and arrange the academic component of the internship. Working 5 hours per week = 1 credit, and students may sign-up for 1-6 credits a term, using up to 24 credits as free electives towards the 120 degree credits. Students are responsible for paying for the internship credits as they would any other course.

  • Internship credits CANNOT be used as BIOSC electives within any of the majors in the Department of Biological Sciences.
  • Students are responsible for obtaining a full-time Biological Sciences faculty member to be their faculty co-sponsor. Students can determine if a faculty member is willing to sponsor the internship by contacting them and providing details of your work.
  • Students CANNOT receive credit for paid positions. Internship credits are for S/N grades only.
  • To gain credit for internships, students must complete the “BIOSC 1901” form below and obtain signatures from the internship supervisor and a Bio. Sci. faculty co-sponsor. Once completed, follow the instructions on the Bio Advising webpage to enroll in credits. You cannot self-enroll in internship credits because department consent is required.

Internship for credit form available for download BIOSC 1901 or in the Biological Sciences Advising office (Langley 215)