Ecology & Evolution Requirements

All students within the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences must complete General Education Requirements. These courses provide breadth to your education beyond training in the Biological Sciences. All majors within the Department of Biological Sciences must also complete Corequisite Courses in Chemistry, Math, and Physics; these courses give you the scientific background to maximize your education within the Ecology and Evolution major.

The major progress tracker below is a comprehensive list of the courses Ecology & Evolution majors must complete to obtain the B.S. degree. Review the BIOSC Courses webpage for available BIOSC electives. Make sure to visit our other E&E webpages for scheduling tips and a sample schedule. Please see a Biological Sciences Advisor for any questions about planning your schedule.


Ecology & Evolution Progress Trackers

For students who declared Fall 2020 AND LATER

For students who declared BEFORE Fall 2020 

Access the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Major Sheet here: Dietrich School Ecology & Evolution Major Sheet