Teaching Minor Timeline

  1. At least two terms as a Teaching Assistant: typically one semester in the second year or third yeard of graduate school and one semester in the third or fourth year of graduate school.
  2. Petitioning for enrollment: typically at the end of spring term of the second year or the end of the fall term of the third year, after completion of the Comprehensive Exam.
  3. Selection of two Teaching Mentors: during the first year in the Teaching Minor Program prior to submitting the Teaching Dossier for the first time.
  4. Enrollment in BIOSC 2972: typically the first fall or spring semester after acceptance into the Teaching Minor Program and the three following academic year (fall and spring) semesters.
  5. Enrollment in FACDEV 2200: ideally during a fall or spring semester when serving as a TA. Although FACDEV 2200 is offered during the summer, the course instructor does not recommend it because time is too tight. Typically students enroll while doing the second TA assignment.
  6. Yearly submission of a Teaching Dossier to GPOC: third Monday of May of each year after acceptance into the Teaching Minor Program.
  7. Final submission of the Teaching Dossier to GPOC: ideally the first semester after completing the Teaching Minor requirements but at the latest, by the time that the thesis is submitted to the student's Thesis Committee.
  8. Receipt of the Teaching Minor: upon graduation.