MCDB Mentors

Upon entering the program, each student is assigned a faculty member as the interim academic advisor. Usually, the faculty advisor for the first rotation serves as the Adacemic Advisor and advises students about courses and laboratory rotations until the time that a thesis advisor is selected. Students are encouraged to get to know interim advisors and consult with them on a regular basis. An informal evaluation occurs at the beginning of the second term when the interim advisor provides feedback on the events of the first term provide a mid-year report.

A thesis advisor is typically chosen at the end of the first year. The process of research rotations allows the student to experience a number of different laboratory settings, and interact with several potential thesis advisors.

Beyond the first year, the thesis advisor and the thesis committee assume the advisory role and meets with the student every six months to discuss progress in the research project.

Students interested in our graduate program in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology should examine the research interests of faculty in the following broad areas of investigation: