Undergraduate Majors


The Department of Biological Sciences is housed within the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences. The department offers five undergraduate majors: Biological Sciences, Bioinformatics, Ecology and Evolution, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology.

The Biological Sciences advisors are happy to answer questions about the undergraduate program and majors, but do not handle admissions.

Freshman and transfer students must apply to the University of Pittsburgh and specify their interest in being admitted to the Dietrich School. Once admitted to the Dietrich School, initial advising and enrollment is completed through the Dietrich School Advising Center. A student is able to declare a major in the Department of Biological Sciences once the requisite courses are completed and the minimum grade requirements are met.

Freshman Students: Feel free to contact the departmental advisors about the majors offered in the department, how to plan a schedule for the first few semesters, questions about AP, IB or CHS credits, etc.

Transfer Students: Feel free to contact the advisors about how your science courses might apply to the major's requirements, or other biology-related questions. The departmental advisors are able to review courses completed at a prior institution, but the Office of Student Records officially evaluates transfer credits and determines course equivalency.

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