Department Welcomes New Graduate Students!

We are excited to welcome 14 first-year graduate students to the Department.  The students and their undergraduate institutions are:

Dominique Barbeau, Smith College                                          

Hillary Cleveland, Bryn Mawr College        

Paul Crawford, Penn State Erie

Chong Dai, Huazhong U Sci&Tech

Nicole Forrester, College of Wm&Mary               

Alannie-Grace Grant, New York University                                                                                                                                    

Amber Griffith, Univ of Delaware

Ashley Hildreth, North GA Coll&State U

Travis Mavrich, Penn State University

Eden Odhner, Bryn Mawr College                     

Melissa Plakke, Colorado State Univ         

Sarah Smith, Univ of TX at Arlington

Zhihao Sun, Qingdao University

Colin Wright, Univ of California, Davis


19 Aug 2013

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