"Of all the sciences contributing to medicine, chemistry is the primary one, and, apart from the general light it throws on the entire art of healing, it will soon bestow on some of its branches a perfection such as one never could have anticipated."
- Jöns Jacob Berzelius, in the preface (addressed to Gustav IV Adolf) to the first Swedish edition of Animal Chemistry, 1806.

The goals of the Biochemistry research faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences are:

  • To understand the molecular mechanisms underlying biological processes
  • To examine the relationships between structure and function in biological macromolecules

Our interests include the mechanisms of action of both protein and RNA catalysts, and our studies require state-of-the-art methods ranging from X-ray crystallography, steady-state and single turnover kinetics, protein and nucleic acid purification and analysis, and mathematical modeling.

Protein quality control
Alternative RNA splicing
Phages and tuberculosis
Ion channel function
mRNA splicing
Structural biology
DNA replication
Structural biology