Stanton C. Crawford Award

Stanton C. CrawfordDr. Stanton C. Crawford was a Professor of Zoology in the Department of Biological Sciences (formerly called Life Sciences), Dean of the College, Dean of the Faculties, and Chancellor of the University during his 42-year tenure (1924-1966) at the University of Pittsburgh.

The Stanton C. Crawford memorial fund was established in 1968 through an endowment given to the Department of Biological Sciences. It is awarded annually to a Graduate Student Teaching Assistant who has demonstrated excellence in her or his teaching.

Presented at the beginning of the fall term, the Stanton C. Crawford award consists of a cash prize provided in the recipient's September paycheck, a certificate, and the inscription of the recipient's name on a plaque displayed in the Main Office of the Department of Biological Sciences.

Winners of the Stanton C. Crawford award are:

YearStanton Crawford AwardeeMentor(s)
2015Eric GriffinDr. Walter Carson
2014Elizabeth RaupachDrs. Joseph Martens and Karen Arndt
2013Erica McGreevyDr. Jeffrey Hildebrand
2012Sarah GrubbDr. Jeffrey Brodsky
2011 Elia Crisucci
 Dr. Karen Arndt
2010Kimberly PayneDr. Graham Hatfull
2009Grace CollettiDr. Kirill Kiselyov
2008Kristen ButelaDr. Jeffrey Lawrence
2007Jill Dembowski
Jacqueline Townsend
Dr. Paula Grabowski
Dr. Linda Jen-Jacobson
2006Heather Hendrickson
Dr. Jeffrey Lawrence
2005Cassie MajeticDr. Tia-Lynn Ashman
2004Craig Scott
Mick Yoder
Dr. Jeffrey Brodsky
Dr. Jeffrey Hildebrand
2003Janette SteetsDr. Tia-Lynn Ashman
2002Patrick StephensDr. John Weins
2001Anthony Baumert
James Cronin
Dr. Walter Carson
Dr. Walter Carson
2000Alejandro Royo
Paul Sapienza
Mark Vandermuelen
Dr. Walter Carson
Dr. Linda Jen-Jacobson
Dr. Stephen Tonsor