Stanton C. Crawford Award

Stanton C. CrawfordDr. Stanton C. Crawford was a Professor of Zoology in the Department of Biological Sciences (formerly called Life Sciences), Dean of the College, Dean of the Faculties, and Chancellor of the University during his 42-year tenure (1924-1966) at the University of Pittsburgh.

The Stanton C. Crawford memorial fund was established in 1968 through an endowment given to the Department of Biological Sciences. It is awarded annually to a Graduate Student Teaching Assistant who has demonstrated excellence in her or his teaching.

Presented at the beginning of the fall term, the Stanton C. Crawford award consists of a cash prize provided in the recipient's September paycheck, a certificate, and the inscription of the recipient's name on a plaque displayed in the Main Office of the Department of Biological Sciences.

Winners of the Stanton C. Crawford award are:

YearStanton Crawford AwardeeMentor(s)
2010Kimberly PayneDr. Graham Hatfull
2009Grace CollettiDr. Kirill Kiselyov
2008Kristen ButelaDr. Jeffrey Lawrence
2007Jill Dembowski
Jacqueline Townsend
Dr. Paula Grabowski
Dr. Linda Jen-Jacobson
2006Heather Hendrickson
Dr. Jeffrey Lawrence
2005Cassie MajeticDr. Tia-Lynn Ashman
2004Craig Scott
Mick Yoder
Dr. Jeffrey Brodsky
Dr. Jeffrey Hildebrand
2003Janette SteetsDr. Tia-Lynn Ashman
2002Patrick StephensDr. John Weins
2001Anthony Baumert
James Cronin
Dr. Walter Carson
Dr. Walter Carson
2000Alejandro Royo
Paul Sapienza
Mark Vandermuelen
Dr. Walter Carson
Dr. Linda Jen-Jacobson
Dr. Stephen Tonsor

Kimberly Payne and Dr. Graham Hatfull

Dr. Hatfull congratulates Kimberly Payne