Assuring Diversity

The Department has established a Task Force on Diversity to promote our mission.  Members of the Task Force represent all branches of the Department, including our secondary school outreach program, faculty and advisors specializing in undergraduate programs, and faculty focusing on graduate student admissions, education and research.  Feel free to contact any of the Task Force Members with questions concerning diversity in the Department of Biological Sciences.

Task Force Goals are to develop and support diversity in Biological Sciences through:

  • Fostering, enhancing and celebrating a vibrant community of scholars within the Department from different backgrounds.
  • Supporting and promoting a diverse population of next generation scientists via integration and feedback of mentoring across career developmental stages.
  • Developing novel initiatives to attract, retain and promote a greater participation in Biological Sciences.
  • Serving as a point of reference and sounding board for diversity-related issues within Biological Sciences.
  • Assisting in professional development via mentoring in career building skills and networking opportunities.
  • Providing an interactive bridge for minority students to transition from high school to college to graduate school. 

Diversity Task Force Members:

  • Dr. Erica McGreevy, Chair
  • Dr. Andrea Berman
  • Dr. Sarah Hainer
  • Dr. Justin Kitzes
  • Dr. Laurel Roberts
  • Dr. Alison Slinskey-Legg