Meghan Bechman

  • Lab Instructor


Office: (412) 624-0420
L08 Clapp Hall
4249 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

I have always been drawn to molecular biology which led me to pursue a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology as an undergraduate. I received this degree from the Pennsylvania State University in 2015. During my graduate studies at Chatham University, I continued to focus on molecular work. My research and thesis were based on caffeine-degrading microorganisms in humans.

I began working at Pitt as a Laboratory Manager for the Foundations of Biology Courses (BIOSC 0050 and 0060) where I worked along side Jessica Robertson and a team of undergraduate students. As manager of this prep team, I oversaw the undergraduates as we worked to ensure that the courses had all of the supplies and equipment needed to run effectively. 

I was drawn to teaching by my enjoyment of working with students and my love of learning. I have always appreciated active learning and being involved in lab work.  Along with teaching, I am managing the prep lab and staff for the Sea-Phages and DNA Regulation courses (BIOSC 0067). Similar to my previous position, I will continue to provide supplies and equipment necessary for the success of these courses with the assistance of an undergraduate prep team.

Ms. Bechman earned MS in Biology from Chatham University in 2016 where she did her research under Dr. Sherie Edenborn, and joined the department in 2017.