Departmental Seminar Series

All seminars begin at 4:15 pm, and are held in 169 Crawford Hall, on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh, except where noted. Science lovers should also consult the CMU seminar schedule; talks are held right across the street in the Mellon Institute.

Seminars for the 2011-2012 academic year include the following:


12 September Dr. Joseph Martens
University of Pittsburgh
"A cis gene regulatory mechanism involving non-coding DNA transcription and chromatin dynamics"
19 SeptemberDr. Michael Grabe
University of Pittsburgh
"Sugar and salt – an unbeatable combination!“
26 September
Dr. John H. Wilson
Baylor College of Medicine
"Trinucleotide Repeat Instability: A Blessing and a Curse"
Dr. James Pipas
03 OctoberDr. Jesus Torres-Vazquez
Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine
"Sculpture lessons: How the zebrafish shapes its vessels"
Dr. Beth Roman
17 OctoberDr. Carolyn Coyne
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
"The tipping point: how viruses evade host innate immune signaling"
Dr. Jon Boyle
24 OctoberDr. Leonie C Moyle
Indiana University
"Adaptation and isolation in the wild tomatoes: from GIS to genes"
Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman
31 OctoberDr. Charles Barlowe
Dartmouth Medical School
"Mechanisms underlying COPII-dependent transport"
Dr. Jeffrey Brodsky
07 NovemberDr. Antonis Rokas
Vanderbilt University
"The origin and evolution of metabolic gene clusters in fungi"
Dr. Mark Rebeiz
14 NovemberDr. Stephen Wright
University of Toronto
"How much selection is acting on plant genomes?"
Dr. Susan Kalisz
21 NovemberDr. Jennifer DeLuca
Colorado State University
"Chromosome Segregation in Mitosis: Making and Breaking Kinetochore-Microtuble Attachements"
Dr. Jon Boyle
28 November Dr. Leticia Aviles
University of British Columbia
"Towards a unified theory of the ecology of sociality"
Dr. Jonathan Pruitt
05 DecemberDr. Dan Bolnick
University of Texas
"Why does intraspecific trait variation matter in ecology?"
E & E Students
12 DecemberDr. Darren Boehning
University of Texas Medical Branch
"Calcium and lymphocyte apoptosis"
Dr. Kirill Kiselyov
12 March
Dr. Kirsten Bomblies
Harvard University
"Genomic analysis of Arabidopsis arenosa suggests adaptation to polyploidy"
Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman
19 MarchDr. Haoxing Xu
University of Michigan
"Ion channels in the lysosome: opening the gate to the cell's recycling center."
Dr. Kirill Kiselyov
26 March
Dr. David Bates
Baylor College of Medicine
"Twisted sisters: the mechanism and role of sister chromosome cohesion in E. coli"
Dr. Tony Schwacha

02 April
Dr. Todd Lamitina
University of Pennsylvania
"Your inner worm - C. elegans models of human disease"
Dr. Jeffrey Brodsky
09 AprilDr. Daniel Papaj
University of Arizona
"Signal uncertainty in plant-pollinator interactions: studies with bees and butterflies"
Dr. Jonathan Pruitt
16 AprilDr. Mike Shapiro
University of Utah
"Endless pigeons most beautiful: Darwin's favorite birds enter the genomics era"
Dr. Debbie Chapman
23 AprilDr. Stephen Devoto
Wesleyan Universiy
"Zebrafish muscle development and segmentation: a Tbx6 connection"
Dr. Debbie Chapman
07 MayDr. Alanna Schepartz
Yale University
"Visualizing information transfer through the plasma membrane with small molecules"
MCDB Students


12 Sep 2011

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