Russell Memorial Lecture: Dr. Laura Attardi on deconstructing p53 transcriptional networks

Dr. Laura Attardi
Stanford University School of Medicine 

Deconstructing p53 Transcriptional Networks in Tumor Suppression

The p53 gene is inactivated in over half of all human cancers, of a wide range of types, underscoring a critical role for p53 in preventing cancer. p53 is a transcriptional activator that serves as a master regulator of gene expression. Our laboratory uses genetic and genomic approaches to delineate the transcriptional programs through which p53 suppresses cancer, with the ultimate goal of identifying targets that could be useful for cancer therapy. Given the broad role of p53 in cancer, identifying pathways of p53 action has great significance for the treatment of a vast array of cancers.

Monday,  October 15, 2018

169 Crawford Hall
11:00 A.M.
10:50 A.M. refreshments

Host: Dr. Lewis Jacobson




15 Oct 2018

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169 Crawford Hall