New $800,000 endowment provided to Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology

We are delighted to announce that PLE has finalized two very generous bequests from Mr. Don Wood, a Pitt alumnus (B.A. '49, M.A. '50). The first bequest is a $400,000 endowment for undergraduate scholarships for Pitt students enrolled in PLE field courses.  The second bequest is a $400,000 endowment to help fund PLE outreach.

Don spent his childhood summers with his family on Pymatuning Lake and when he came back this past summer and visited PLE, he was inspired by what he saw. He decided to make sure that other young people could also have this experience. In honor of these bequests and other recent gifts from Mr. Wood, we have renamed the PLE lab on Livingston Road, "The Donald S. Wood Field Laboratory".  These two gifts go a long way to helping the BioSci Department offer undergraduates the opportunity to experience biology in the natural world. It also allows Department faculty the opportunity to bring more of our science to K-12 schools and the general public. As endowments, these funds will continue to be available each year for many decades to come.


03 Dec 2013

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