Mary Edmonds Awardees 2011

The Mary Edmonds Award is given in recognition of the best graduate student publication for 2010-2011. In her early work, Mary Edmonds showed that eukaryotic mRNAs are made with poly (A) tails in living cells. Her subsequent studies of these poly (A)+ mRNAs resulted in the discovery of the chemical structure of the intermediate of pre-mRNA splicing. These discoveries paved the way for the development of new methodologies, as well as insights into post transcriptional regulatory pathways.

The vote for the Mary Edmonds Award resulted in a three-way tie this year.

The recipients – drum roll – are:

Gerardo Arceo-Gomez (Ashman lab)
Sarah Hainer (Martens lab)
Matthew Farber (Hildebrand lab)


06 Oct 2011

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