Ecology and Evolution Seminar Series

The Ecology and Evolution group in the Department of Biological Sciences sponsors a seminar series featuring current topics in Ecology and Evolutionary biology.  The Ecology and Evolution seminars are presented Wednesdays at 12:00 pm in Room 169 Crawford Hall. If you wish to meet with the Speaker, contact Matt Koski or Randall Bendis. Interested parties can forward information to the Ecology and Evolution group by email.

Speakers for the 2011 - 2012 academic year include the following:

07 SeptemberDr. Sarah WoodleyDuquesne University
"Life in the Slow Lane: Stress Responses of Plethodontid Salamanders"
14 SeptemberDr. Oscar RochaKent State University
"Inferring invasion patterns of Lonicera maackii in southwestern Ohio from the genetic stucture of established populations"
21 SeptemberDr. Rafael MaiaUniversity of Akron
28 September
Dr. Matthew Opdyke
Point Park University
05 OctoberDr. Regina BaucomUniversity of Cincinnati
"Evolutionary Genomics of Ipomoea"
12 October Dr. Matthew ShawkeyUniversity of Akron
"Plumage color in birds and other dinosaurs"
19 OctoberDr. Jeff Kovatch
Marshall University
"Hot herps and cool chicks: Modeling animal growth rate and success with metabolic scaling"
26 OctoberDr. Tracy LangklideThe Pennsylvania State University
"Fitness consequences of invader induced stress"
02 November
Dr. John Wenzel
Director of the Center of Biodiversity and Ecosystems, CMNH
"Swarm logic and the organization of labor in ants, bees, and wasps"
09 NovemberDr. Theresa Culley

University of Cincinnati
"Plant Adaptation to New Environments: Cleistogamy in Violets and Invasiveness in Callery Pear"

16 NovemberDr. Jonathan CummingUniversity of West Virginia
"Physiology of Ectomycorrhizal Aspen Under Phosphorus Limitation"
30 NovemberDr. Zhe-Xi Luo
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
07 DecemberDr. Stephen MatterUniversity of Cincinnati


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