Dr. Sarah Eddy on Does how we teach matter? The evidence behind evidence-based teaching

University of Pittsburgh Department of Biological Sciences presents:
2019 Fall Seminar Series 

Dr. Sarah Eddy 
Florida Internaitonal University 

"Does how we teach matter? The evidence behind evidence-based teaching" 

All of us are being told to change how we teach, but what is the evidence behind these calls? In this talk, I will explore the types of data that guide teaching reform and describe two attempts at more rigorous methods: (1) a meta-analysis conducted on studies of teaching in hundreds of STEM classrooms and (2) a series of replication studies across institution types for one active learning strategy, increased structure. In both studies, student-centered teaching methods increase student exam performance and decrease failure rates over traditional lecture. 


Friday, September 20, 2019
219B Langley Hall 


2:00 PM

Host: Dr. Erica McGreevy 


20 Sep 2019

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219B Langley Hall