Dept. member award winners at Grad Expo 2013 announced

Several Biological Sciences students were awarded Outstanding Presenter Prizes for their poster and paper presentations:

Christopher Amrich, Biological Sciences
Structure of the Cdc73 C-domain and its Role in Paf1 Complex Recruitment

Christine Cucinotta, Biological Sciences
Investigating the Role of the Nucleosome in Determining Chromatin Modifications

Lisa Limeri, Biological Sciences
Sensory Biases and the Maintenance of Color Polymorphisms: Viewing the Colias ‘Alba’ Polymorphism through the Male Visual System

Debamitra Das, Biological Sciences
Investigating the Molecular Mechanism of Neural Tube Closure Defects in ENU Mutant Mice and the Role of Shroom:Rock Signaling Module in it.   

George Meindl, Biological Sciences
Floral Metal Accumulation Alters Plant-Pollinator Interactions

Please join us in congratulating these students on their excellent presentations!


21 Mar 2013

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