Seminar Series

PLE Seminar Schedule 2018


Seminars will be held in the dining hall at the PLE Housing Site - 7pm.

 Date Name  Affiliation  Title
5/16 Colin Wright University of California

Individual variation in queen morphology and behavior predict colony performance in the wild

5/23 Steve Nowicki Duke University Yanni or Laurel? Categorical Perception and the Evolution of Communication
5/30 Nathan Brouwer National Aviary Impact of extreme events on avian biodiversity:
Insights from short- and long-term droughts in dryland habitats of the Dominican Republic
6/6 Tiffany Betras University of Pittsburgh

Can a brief but intense window of exotic plant invasions during primary succession redirect successional trajectories for decades?    

6/13 Glenn Tattersall Brock University Darwin’s finch thermal biology, thermal niche, and ecophysiology
6/20 Heather Lerner Earlham College Giant Beavers and More: insights from Museomics
6/26 Len Ferrington University of Minnesota Aquatic Insect and Brown Trout Dynamics During Winter in Southeastern Streams of Minnesota
6/27 Margarita Lopez-Uribe Penn State Native bees: Linking their evolutionary history and population health
7/2 Michelle Spicer University of Pittsburgh Teasing apart the ghost of herbivory past: Why are there long-term delays in the recovery of forest understory communities?
7/11 James Lichtenstein University of California Eat, prey, love: how mantis personality shapes their predation regimes
7/18 Avery Russell & Na Wei Unversity of Pittsburgh

How agrochemicals affect flower & fruit microbiomes & pollination service


Veronica Saenz

University of Pittsburgh

Effects of climate change on the development of amphibian immune defenses.


1. Andrea Fetters

2. Martin Turcotte

University of Pittsburgh

1.The pollen virome: viral discovery and diversity.

2. Exploring Evolutionary Community Ecology using Duckweed.