Researchers at PLE

Behavioral Ecology; Ecotoxicology

PLE is privileged to have a fantastic group of faculty, post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduate students conducting research at the field site. We attract researchers both from our region and from throughout the country.


Professors and Personnel* Institutions Research topics at PLE
Dr. Rindy Anderson Florida Atlantic University

Animal Behavior, Behavioral Ecology; Communication, Bioacoustics; Cognition; Avian Ecology and Conservation

Dr. Walter Carson

Dr. Walter Carson

University of Pittsburgh Empirical tests of competition theory and predation theory in plant communities
Dr. Rickey Cothran Southwestern Oklahoma State University Behavioral Ecology, Ecotoxicology
Dr. Steve Hovick Ohio State University

Population and Community Ecology; Evolutionary Ecology; Biological Invasions

Dr. Nate Morehouse

University of Pittsburgh Evolution of coloration
Dr. Stephen Nowicki

Dr. Steve Nowicki

Duke University Complexity and information in avian signals

Dr. Jonathan Pruitt

University of Pittsburgh Behavioral ecology
Dr. Ian Renne Youngstown State University Plant Population Biology and Avian Ecology
Dr. Corinne Richards-Zawacki University of Pittsburgh Amphibian Disease Ecology
Dr. William Searcy

Dr. William Searcy

University of Miami Complexity and information in avian signals
Dr. Andrew Turner

Dr. Andrew Turner

Clarion University of Pennsylvnia Aquatic ecology: The role of trait-mediated indirect effects in shaping communities
Dr. Sarah Woodley
Dr. Sarah Woodley Duquesne University

Zoology, Endocrinology, Ecology