Research facilities at PLE

The Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology is the perfect location for conducting your research! We have 10 research labs, 276 acres of land that we own, thousands of acres of nearby public land, and a diversity of equipment to help any researcher be productive.

Beagle Road Site

Sanctuary Lake Site

The original research site for the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology since 1949 is situated on Sanctuary Lake, a protected waterway. This site contains 13 acres, 8 research laboratories, a stockroom, -80°C freezer, laminar flow hood, benchtop incubator, ice machine, microcentrifuge, thermal cycler, wireless internet, a computer lab, and 24 hour emergency power back-up. There is also a library and a large lecture hall. 

The Livingston Road lab

The Donald S. Wood Field Laboratory

Our newest acquisition for PLE contains 134 acres of field and forest, offering a variety of venues for observation or experimentation. In addition, there is a  3000 square-foot building containing aquatic and terrestrial research laboratories, a large garage for storage, two water wells, environmental chambers, offices, restrooms, wireless internet, and a modern security system.

Beagle Road

This parcel of land, located on Beagle Road, is a 23-acre site that supports an old field community and is currently the location for a variety of old-field and aquatic mesocosm experiments.

Wallace Woods

This 26-acre site contains a fairly mature second-growth forest; for aquatic study, it also includes a stretch of Linesville Creek.

The vegetation of this site has been particularly well studied over the years, allowing great potential for future research projects.

Tryon-Weber Woods

This is a 107-acre site of forested land that is owned by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.  Over the years, PLE has worked closely with WPC to steward this property which was gifted (in part) to them by our former director, Archie Tryon. It contains a mature American beech-sugar maple woods and is considered to be one of the finest examples of such a old-growth forest in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Janette Rose Tryon Reserve

This site contains 80 acres of forested land that was selectively logged in recent decades. The land contains second-growth timber and a substantial number of wetlands located within the forest mosaic.

Facility Use Rates (i.e. Bench Fees)

Building-Room Size
(sq. ft)
Daily Fee
Research Building #12
101 - Bird Lab 540 $25
102 - Bird Lab Office 100 $5
112, 114- Animal room, Cage Wash Room 255 $12
104 - Ecology Lab 506 $24
103 - Ecology Lab Office 100 $5
105 - Molecular Lab 945 $44
108 - Molecular Lab Office 110 $6
111 - Office 110 $6
Aquatic Research Building #13
A 266 $13
B 168 $8
C 280 $13
Lakeside Building #14
A - Lecture Hall 520 $24
B - Basement   $6
Botany Building #15
A - Lab 361 $17
B - Lecture Hall 400 $19
Research Building #21
A - Lab 240 $12
B - Office 63 $3
C - Office 70 $4
D - Lab 386 $18
E - Office 72 $4
Donald S. Wood Field Laboratory
101 - Office 100 $5
102 - Office 100 $5
103 - Office 120 $6
104 - Office 120 $6
109 - Terrestrial Lab 828 $39
110 - Aquatic Lab 828 $39
111 - Animal Room 690 $32

There is a $100 flat fee for any research project that is using outdoor field or forest areas but not paying any bench fees for lab space. For relatively large projects of this type there may be an additional negotiated charge. Please consult our Directions & Maps for locations of the above labs.

If interested in conducting research at PLE, a Research Use Agreement is to be completed by each grad student, post-doc, and faculty member. This is necessary to maintain high quality research, PLE records, and meet the needs of current and future researchers at PLE.