Research at PLE

Lisa Limeri and a butterfly

Researchers are a valuable component of PLE. Approximately one-third of our reseachers come from the University of Pittsburgh whereas the rest come from universities from around the United States. Some researchers are recent arrivals while other have been coming back for more than 25 years.

We are delighted to have such a vibrant research community and our efforts to improve the research and housing facilities have resulted in tremendous growth of the research mission of PLE. 2014 saw the completion of a new research facility at PLE that now houses our long-term bird researchers, Dr. Searcy and Dr. Nowicki and their colleagues.  The building also provides PLE with a lab that is suitable for those wishing to incorporate molecular techniques into their ecological research.  The building has an autoclave, laminar flow hood, -80 freezer, an analytical balance, and a thermal cycler.

If interested in conducting research at PLE, a Research Use Agreement is to be completed by each grad student, post-doc, and faculty member. This is necessary to maintain high quality research, PLE records, and meet the needs of current and future researchers at PLE.


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