Course Instructors at PLE

"I made amazing friends and really connected with the instructors"

     - PLE student evaluation


PLE's instructors are not only excellent teachers but also expert researchers in the fields of ecology and evolution! Student evaluations at the end of each session consistently confirm the high quality of our instructors.

Dr. Bob Booth

Institution : Lehigh University

Interests : Conservation Biology, Wetland Ecology

Dr. Rickey Cothran 

Institution : SW Oklahoma State University

Interests : Behavioral Ecology, Ecotoxicology

Dr. Shane Hanlon

Institution : American Geophysical Union

Interests : Disease & Conservation Ecology

Dr. Dave Janetski

Institution: Indiana Univeristy of Pennsylvania

Interests: Freshwater ecology and conservation

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Dr. David Krayesky

Institution : Slippery Rock University

Interests : Taxonomy of Rhodophyta and taxonomy/evolution of bryophytes

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Dr. Lillie Langlois

Institution : Penn State University

Interests : Wildlife Ecology & Conservation

Dr. Steve Latta

Dr. Steve Latta

Institution : National Aviary

Interests : Bird Ecology and Conservation

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Dr. Randy Layne

Institution: Slippery Rock University

Interests: physiological ecology of insects and amphibians

Dr. Peter Lindeman 

Institution : Edinboro University

Interests : Environmental Biology, Zoology

Dr. Kurt Regester

Institution : Clarion University

Interests : Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, Amphibians & Reptiles

 Andrew Turner

Dr. Andrew Turner

Institution : Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Interests : Aquatic ecology: Limnology and Fish Ecology

Dr. Matthew Venesky

Institution : Allegheny College

Interests : Disease Ecology, Physiological Ecology