Seminar Series

PLE Seminar Schedule 2018


Seminars will be held in the dining hall at the PLE Housing Site - 7pm.

 Date Name  Affiliation  Title
5/16 Colin Wright University of California

Individual variation in queen morphology and behavior predict colony performance in the wild

5/23 Steve Nowicki Duke University Yanni or Laurel? Categorical Perception and the Evolution of Communication
5/30 Nathan Brouwer National Aviary Impact of extreme events on avian biodiversity:
Insights from short- and long-term droughts in dryland habitats of the Dominican Republic
6/6 Tiffany Betras University of Pittsburgh

Can a brief but intense window of exotic plant invasions during primary succession redirect successional trajectories for decades?    

6/13 Glenn Tattersall Brock University Darwin’s finch thermal biology, thermal niche, and ecophysiology
6/20 Heather Lerner Earlham College Giant Beavers and More: insights from Museomics
6/26 Len Ferrington University of Minnesota Aquatic Insect and Brown Trout Dynamics During Winter in Southeastern Streams of Minnesota
6/27 Margarita Lopez-Uribe Penn State TBD
7/2 Michelle Spicer University of Pittsburgh Teasing apart the ghost of herbicory past: Why are there long-term delays in the recovery of forest understory communities?
7/11 James Lichtenstein University of California TBD
7/18 Avery Russell & Na Wei Unversity of Pittsburgh TBD

1. Samantha Fontain

2. Veronica Saenz

University of Pittsburgh

1. Investigating the use of museum specimens in gut microbiome analyses.

2. Effects of climate change on the development of amphibian immune defenses.


1. Andrea Fetters

2. Martin Turcotte

University of Pittsburgh TBD