Langley Teaching Laboratories

Langley Hall, First Floor, Rooms A146 – A148

Lab Manager and Lecturer: Dr. Vern Twombly



BIOSC 0190, 0191: Dr. Nancy Kaufman, Dr. Beth Roman, Dr. Brian Traw

BIOSC 1005: Dr. Andrew VanDemark, Dr. Vern Twombly

BIOSC 1510: Dr. Kirill Kiselyov, Dr. William Saunders

BIOSC 1530: Dr. Gerard Campbell

BIOSC 1830, 1950: Dr. Vern Twombly, Dr Craig Peebles

Langley Teaching Lab 1Langley Teaching Labs (LTL) host upper division students in Introduction to Biochemistry (Biosc 1005), Cell Biology (Biosc 1510), Developmental Biology (Biosc 1530), Biochemistry (Biosc 1830), and Molecular Genetics (Biosc 1950) laboratory courses, as well as the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) funded freshman biology course, Discovering Life: An Introduction to the Biological World 1 and 2 lab sections (Biosc 0190 and 0191).  The labs host several summer workshops for the HHMI and Department of Biological Sciences OutReach programs.Langley Teaching Lab 2