Seminar Series

PLE Seminar Schedule 2017


Seminars will be held in the dining hall at the PLE Housing Site - 7pm.

 Date Name  Affiliation  Title
5/17 Bryan Carstens Ohio State Univ.

Big data for global inferences in biodiversity science.

5/24 Melissa Plakke Univ. of Pittsburgh The title of my talk is: Man Eater: Reproductive digestion and its repercussions for coevolution.
6/1 Dr. Nick Keiser

Rice University Academy of Fellows

Disentangling host traits and social context in animal-microbe interactions.
6/7 Dr. Matt Dugas Case Univ.

Begging or boasting? The evolution of communication within families.

6/14 Dr. Kirsten Prior Binghamton Univ. The role of friends and foes in facilitating the success and impacts of invasive species.

Dr. Matt Venesky           

Allegheny College Stress, Energetics, and Disease in Amphibians.
6/28 Dr. Avery Russell Univ. of Pittsburgh The role of pollinator learning and sensory bias in driving flower evolution.
7/5 Veronica Saenz Univ. of Pittsburgh

Assessing disease intensity and understanding correlations between climate change and frog immune system.

7/12 Dr. Martin Turcotte Univ. of Pittsburgh Experimentally testing Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics using Duckweeds.
7/19 Dr. Jessica Hua Binghamton Univ. Poisons, predators, and parasites: Integrating environmental complexity into toxicology.
7/26 Dr. Rebecca Drenvosky John Carroll Univ. Plant-soil relations of the gypsophilic flora of the Chihuahuan Desert.
8/2 Dr. Amy McMillan SUNY Buffalo State The Creature from the River Styx: The Life Story of the Hellbender Salamander in the Northeast.