Researchers at PLE

PLE is privileged to have a fantastic group of faculty, post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduate students conducting research at the field site. We attract researchers both from our region and from throughout the country.


Professors and Personnel* Institutions Research topics at PLE
Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman

Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman

- Gerardo Arceo Gomez (G)

- Matt Koski (G)

University of Pittsburgh Ecological context for floral and sexual system evolution
Dr. Walter Carson

Dr. Walter Carson

- Mike Chips (G)

- Eric Griffin (G)

University of Pittsburgh Empirical tests of competition theory and predation theory in plant communities
Dr. Melissa Hughes

Dr. Melissa Hughes

College of Charleston Sexual selection and multimodal communication in song sparrows
Dr. Susan Kalisz

Dr. Susan Kalisz

- Nate Brouwer (G)

- Alison Hale (G)

University of Pittsburgh Plant population genetics

Dr. Stephen Matter

- Natasha Urban (P)

University of Cincinnati Spatial population dynamics, metapopulation ecology, dispersal, plant insect-interactions, ecological modeling

Dr. Nate Morehouse

- Lisa Taylor (P)
- Lisa Limeri (G)
University of Pittsburgh Evolution of coloration
Dr. Stephen Nowicki

Dr. Steve Nowicki

- Rindy Anderson (P)
- Rob Lachlan (P)
- Neeltje Boogert (G)
- Irene Liu (G)
Duke University Complexity and information in avian signals

Dr. Jonathan Pruitt

University of Pittsburgh Behavioral ecology

Dr. Rick Relyea

- Rickey Cothran (P)
- Aaron Stoler (P)
- Jessica Hua (P)
- Brian Mattes (G)
- William Brogan (G)
- R.J. Bendis (G)
University of Pittsburgh Aquatic ecology, toxicology, evolution, and behavior
Dr. William Searcy

Dr. William Searcy

- Adrienne DuBois (G)
University of Miami Complexity and information in avian signals
Dr. Miquel Tajedo

Dr. Miguel Tejedo

- Helder Duarte (G)
- Marco Katzenberger (G)
Estacion Biologica de Doñana, Sevilla Spain Thermal tolerance in aquatic organisms
Dr. Brian Traw

Dr. Brian Traw

- Ji Hao (G)

- Andy Lariviere (G)

University of Pittsburgh Plant evolutionary ecology
Dr. Andrew Turner

Dr. Andrew Turner

Clarion University of Pennsylvnia Aquatic ecology: The role of trait-mediated indirect effects in shaping communities

Dr. Sarah Woodley

Duquesne University Effects of environmental  stressers on amphibian reproduction and health

* P = Post-doc, G = Graduate student