Outreach at PLE

The educational mission of PLE extends beyond our undergraduate students.  PLE has made a substantial effort to increase the amount of outreach that our staff and researchers conduct with the public.  We have recently hired new staff and are building a new facility that will expand our ability to host K-12 groups for biological outreach opportunities.  These are some of the types of outreach we do at PLE:

K-12 programs

This is the newest area of outreach effort at PLE.  Our K-12 programs are just taking shape and we are inviting the input of area educators.  We envision taking advantage of the location of PLE on Pymatuning Reservoir and the surrounding State Park and offering top-notch aquatic ecology educational programs.  We are also currently constructing a building that will house an advanced molecular/microbial biology lab.  We can give K-12 students an experience using advanced molecular techniques that can't be matched in the high school classroom.  Any area educators who would like to work with us on developing a program tailored to their educational needs, please contact our Assistant Director Chris Davis at chd47@pitt.edu.

Teachers Workshops

High school teachers have the opportunity to work in the field environment with hands on training. Activities  take advantage of the many excellent field sites surrounding the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology. In addition, researchers from PLE go into K-12 schools to teach them about science and do real experiments!

Open House

Every year, early spring, there is a display set at the fish hatchery open house. The reseachers from PLE take time to educate the public about critters in their own back yard! It is a wonderful way of demonstrating some of what is going on at PLE.


fish hatchery


The growth of PLE outreach from 2007 to 2013The growth of PLE outreach from 2007 to 2013